About Us

We are the Churches of God, General Conference (CGGC)

Ours is a Jesus movement born in the fires of America’s second great awakening in the early nineteenth century. We believe Jesus came, died, and rose again for all people and that all people need an abiding relationship with him in order to truly live both now and for eternity. He promised abundant life to all who follow him, and it is our task as his followers to introduce people to him.

In short our mission is to make more and better disciples by establishing more and better communities of faith all over the world in his name. That was our agenda at the start and it is still our first priority today. As such the CGGC could be described as an evangelical, Biblically based, mission focused family of churches.

Complete description of good and services:

The Churches of God, General Conference offers through its online store the following classifications of products and services.

  • Published books from standard publishing houses that can also be purchased at other retailers such as Amazon.
  • In house published material that is produced and distributed strictly by the Churches of God, General Conference.
  • Certificates, fliers, branded portfolios and other church supply related items.

A complete list of items in the above categories can be found by clicking on the Publications item in the menu on the left.

The Churches of God, General Conference also gives opportunity for individual or organizational designated giving to a specific cause or ministry.  A complete list of contribution possibilities can be viewed by clicking the Contributions category in the menu on the left.