Bangladesh Education and Schools (GR 2702)

Support underprivileged village children in Bangladesh through a primary or secondary education at one of our schools in Khanjanpur. Learning happens through several offering, including a boarding school, two schools for the blind, a College of Christian Theology and reading rooms in Bogra and Joypurhat. An entire year of schooling for one of these children can be funded with $240.
The amount must be between $5.00 and $10,000.00

     To initiate a recurring contribution for this item, please contact Bob Stephenson, Please reference the item name, its giving code, the amount you wish to give, how often you wish to give that amount, and what date you would like your contribution to process each month.
     You will receive an invoice from Churches of God, General Conference ( to initiate the transaction of your first payment.  You will be able to choose at that time to save your card information for future transactions or follow the same process each giving period.

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Water Project Haiti (CC 9350)

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