Since 1994, Gordon & Annie Avey have focused on church planting and discipling Brazilian nationals. Today, 7 churches make up the Biblical Good News Conference in Sao Paulo, Bahia and Tocantins states. Last year they reported 357 members, 28 conversions, and 36 baptisms. Additionally, there were 10 students enrolled in the Bahia Bible Institute and 20 students in the Christian College Bahia branch.

Pastor Gordon & Annie Avey Support (GR 2731)

Partner with Gordon & Annie Avey as they provide pastoral care and leadership development for Brazilian pastors and church planters.

Brazilian Church Planting (GR 2804)

Start-up funds to assist new church planters and new churches; or special projects for these churches.

Brazil Special Projects (GR 2729)

Individual projects within this description have more specific designated numbers. Contact our Global Reach office for more information.