The Churches of God has been ministering in Haiti since 1967. Last year, the School of Physical Therapy launched alongside the Nursing program at the Lois Habecker school in Frecyneau. Today the work includes 37 churches and mission stations, a medical clinic & hospital at Pierre Payen, and 27 primary schools educating 3,863 students.

Nursing & P.T. School Operations (GR 2825)

Assistance with salaries and program costs.

Nursing & P.T. School Scholarships (GR 2826)

Your contribution provides scholarships for qualified students.

Mike and Dawn VanDervort Support (GR 2763)

Partner with Mike and Dawn VanDervort.

Rod & Mila Ayers Support (GR 2730)

Partner with Rod & Mila Ayers and their family as they build relationships with the Haitian community. Rod will be managing the Project Help-Haiti Agricultural Innovations Center in Borel and assisting Mila with community outreach. Mila will primarily be coordinating youth-based teams to work on leadership and career development skills with Haitians and Americans.

Haiti Church Ministries (GR 2803)

You can assist Haiti churches with community outreach and discipleship training. Specific “sister churches” are available for individual or group support. Contact the Global Reach office directly for available churches and for their specific giving code.

Haiti Primary Schools (GR 2713)

Help students learn and grow by supporting these church-operated schools. Your money will go towards providing adequate nutrition for each student. Specific “sister schools” are available for individual or group support. Contact the Global Reach office directly for available schools, and for their specific giving code.

Project Help Haiti Partnering Fund (GR 2718)

The Partnering Fund provides essential resources such as building, equipment, and vehicle maintenance which is integral to everything Project Help does to assist the Haitian church and people. The fund also pays salaries for Haitian staff serving in a variety of roles.

Haiti Medical Ministries (GR 2716)

The Project Help medical complex at Pierre Payen includes an outpatient clinic and the Dr. Victor Binkley Medical Center. This is one of the finest medical centers in Haiti! Your assistance provides cancer education, community health programs, and funding for persons who cannot afford treatment. (Note: this is NOT for missions trips).

Haiti Special Projects (GR 2812)

Currently, all funds given to this account are being used to keep the Dr. Victor Binkley Medical Center in Pierre Payen, Haiti open and operational. This includes payment of salaries for our Haitian medical staff as well as the purchase of supplies and fuel.

Haiti Microfinance and Development (GR 2836)

Strengthen the economic development of future leaders through teaching basic business principles and providing micro-loans to help Haitians start their own businesses.

Haiti Vocational Scholarship Fund (GR 2726)

Help provide the gift of a quality education to those whom would otherwise be unable to receive it. Through your support, students obtain advanced degrees and become Doctors, Pastors, Dentists, or pursue other careers. You will help them make a difference in the lives of their family and community.

Haiti Emergency (GR 9300)

This fund is for emergencies associated with Haiti.

Water Project Haiti (GR 9350)

Help provide safe, clean water by donating to the Water Project fund. Project Help partners with Water Project Haiti to build and install bio-sand filters, which are then installed in homes and other community buildings. Supplies are purchased in Haiti and filters are built buy Haitians which also positively influences their economy. In Haiti, while residents do not have a shortage of water, the water quality is very low and the relatively poor population is often forced to use contaminated water for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc.

Haiti Evangelistic Ministries (GR 2746)

Provides funding for a Pierre Payen Chaplain and other evangelistic ministries.

New Haiti Missionary Support (GR 2732)

Help provide the funding for the missionary God has planned to meet need in Haiti.