His People On Mission: Mobilizing Churches for Cross-Cultural Outreach

By Don Dennison

All congregations need to be engaged at some level in making disciples among other people groups. Unfortunately, many Christians have determined either intentionally or through neglect that cross-cultural outreach is optional rather than an essential practice of their particular church. The purpose of this project was to study the policies and practices of missions-active churches in the Churches of God, General Conference (CGGC) in order to learn from their example.


Biblical Foundation for Cross-Cultural Missions

  • His People on Mission in the Old Testament
  • His People on Mission in the New Testament
  • Theological Implications for the Local Church
  • Discussion Questions

Becoming a Missions-Active Church

  • Common Characteristics of Missions-Active Churches
  • Case Studies of CGGC Missions-Active Churches
  • Discussion Questions

Common Factors and Recommendations

  • 7 Research Findings
  • Conclusions and Recommendation to Churches
  • Discussion Questions


"If you or your church wants to be more on mission with Jesus, this book is for you. It presents a God-shaped view of glocal (global and local) outreach and offers a blueprint to be more missions-active. Using a series of local church case studies, Don Dennison illustrates the essential components of the missions-active church. His conclusions and recommendations provide a starting point for church leaders to increase great commision impact at home and abroad. I highly endorse this book and gladly recommend it's use in all the churches."

Pastor Edward Rosenberry

Executive Director

Churches of God General Conference

Findlay, OH

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