Since 1898, our work to provide community development and spiritual welfare has expanded into seven West Bengal districts. Additionally, over 800 students are currently enrolled in the mission schools and Child Development Center.

India Special Projects (CC 2724)

Donations to this fund help provide tools for various ministry initiatives. They could be used for motorbikes, bibles, songbooks, benches/desks at schools among other needed things. During the month of November 2018, online gifts to this account will be preferenced for completing the pond erosion control project that is needed to protect the structural integrity of parts of the campus security walls.

India Community Development (CC 2720)

Assist in the development of local communities through spiritual welfare, leadership training, and outreach.

India Field Director Support (CC 2722)

By supporting Samir Singha and his family, you'll be partnering with them in community development efforts, children's ministries and other opportunities that invest in the spiritual welfare of the Indian people.

India Mission Schools (CC 2827)

Invest in the future of a child in India by helping to provide the necessary study materials, supplementing teacher salaries, and maintaining the school's structural integrity in a way that also invests in their spiritual welfare. These students come from impoverished families and by investing in their education you can also impact their families and their communities in a positive way.

India Mission Campus Facilities (CC 2723)

The Uluberia campus in West Bengal is the focal point for work in India. Money donated to this fund will help keep the campus facilities in good repair and will allow the work to grow and prosper through community development programs that invest in the spiritual welfare of the Indian people.

India Child Development Center Operations (CC 2900)

It takes $18 per month to fully support a child in the Child Development Center. Your gift will help provide them hope through the basic needs of education, hygiene, encouragement and a warm nutritious meal. These children will also learn verses and Bible songs as they are taught from the Word of God. Thank you for making an eternal impact in the lives of these children.