In Kenya, the "Voice of the Gospel" ministry has grown to 14 churches and preaching centers with over 600 in worship. Last year, additional property was purchased for the growing fish farm and aquaponics ministry to provide economic and nutritional growth opportunities. Additionally, the micro-loan and scholarship ministries provide opportunities to empower individuals a help up so they can help themselves, their families, and their communities. Joseph Mwaura serves as field director.

Kenya Ministries (GR 2831)

Assist in providing leadership training to pastors and outreach to the unreached communities in Kenya. This program also helps with a micro-loan ministry which brings the Gospel message to business owners by helping them get on their feet and build financial independence.

Kenya Scholarships (GR 2837)

Donating to this fund allows impoverished families to send their child(ren) to school when they couldn't afford to otherwise.

Kenya Special Projects (GR 2832)

Special projects including a dispensary, aquaponics program, and ministry center.