USA Latino

Latino Ministry Directors,  Caleb & Christina Acosta, assist with discipleship and church development in the USA and overseas in Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. In 2015, there are 10 Latino churches in the USA: 4 in Pensylvannia, 1 in South Carolina, and 5 in California that reported over 350 attendees, 50 professions of faith, and 13 batptisms. In addition, 19 students are enrolled in the mobile Latino Ministry Training Center.

Latino Outreach (GR 2802)

Assist in reaching out to Latino communities within the USA by planting churches, providing leadership training, and other vital assistance on the local level.

Pastors Caleb and Christina Acosta Support (GR 2764)

Partner with Caleb and Christina Acosta as they minister to Latinos in the USA, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and other developing regions. Assist them in their passion to expand God’s Kingdom.