Mike and Dawn VanDervort Support (GR 2763)

Partner with Mike and Dawn VanDervort.
The amount must be between $5.00 and $10,000.00

     To initiate a recurring contribution for this item, please contact Bob Stephenson, treasurer@cggc.org. Please reference the item name, its giving code, the amount you wish to give, how often you wish to give that amount, and what date you would like your contribution to process each month.
     You will receive an invoice from Churches of God, General Conference (invoicing@messaging.squareup.com) to initiate the transaction of your first payment.  You will be able to choose at that time to save your card information for future transactions or follow the same process each giving period.

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New Haiti Missionary (GR 2732)

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Haiti Primary Schools (GR 2713)

Help students learn and grow by supporting these church-operated schools. Your money will go towards providing adequate nutrition for each student. Specific “sister schools” are available for individual or group support. Contact the Global Reach office directly for available schools, and for their specific giving code.